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Yes, nutrition plays a key role in fertility and this is confirmed by a variety of scientific studies! According to the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF), a BMI (body mass index) above 30 or below 20 can affect fertility. An optimal fertility prevention and treatment is complemented by a nutritional approach, given its proven relevance and according to numerous published studies.

-A BMI below 20 can affect the functioning of the FSH and LH hormones responsible for regulating the ovulatory cycle. In these cases it could interfere and block ovulation and therefore affect the outcome of, for example, an oocyte puncture.
-On the other hand, obesity in women is also associated with ovulation problems. Being overweight can alter the maturation of the ovarian follicles and this translates into poorer oocyte quality.

In Sant Kupuntura we are aware of the importance of a balanced health where one of the pillars, whether viewed from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine... both agree that it is an indispensable complement. Thus, we offer from an evidence base, individualized diet therapy to each particular case, to each patient, taking as a reference your diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also complementing it with the guidelines of Western nutrition in fertility.

If you would like us to discuss your personalized case, please call us by phone.

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